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20 Questions that Will Make you Think

20 Questions that Will Make you Think

20 Questions that will make you think, reflect and free your mind.

1. How old would you be if you do not know your age?

2. Do you do what you believe or try to believe in what you do?

3. If you are only going to live until you are 40 years old, what would you do differently today?

4. If you could give a life advice to a child, what would you say?

5. Have you seen madness where later you saw genius?

6. In your life that you do differently from others?

7. How is it that what makes you happy does not make others happy?

8. What do you really want to do but have not done yet? What’s stopping you?


9. How do you define yourself?

10. What do you prefer to be, a neurotic genius or a happy fool?

11. If you could be your own best friend, would you like to start a friendship?

12. What do you feel most grateful for in life?

13. Do you refuse to do crazy things? Do you have memories to tell and die of laugh?

14. What events in your life have made you feel really alive?

15. If it is not now, then when?

16. If you have not  achieved yet what you want then, what can you lose?

17. What is worse : Never try or endure failure?

18. When was the last time you asked for forgiveness?

19. When was the last time do you give a gift without any reason to your parents or your partner?

20. Have you ever fall in love? Are you with this person?